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I was thinking this morning about the cars I’ve had in the past few years, which ones I miss, which ones I don’t. The very first car that came to mind was my drift car. I miss it and I really don’t. The build process was what I hated about that car. All of that BS I went through with a tire sponsor footing the bill for the parts that THEY wanted. Once I cut the contract with them and built my drift car. It was fun, but the process was hard on me. It was a fun car, but I was happy to see it go. The wife really hated it, because of the stress it put me under.

One car I really miss is my R34 GTR from Japan. The Maziora paint, the twin turbos, and how comfortable that car was. I could drive it like Blackie. It was fast, it was reliable, and it was built to take it like a champ. I loved that car. It didn’t have a sequential transmission, it had the OS Giken triple plate. It was a little tough on the first couple drives, but once I got it. It was really fun. I regret selling it for the first black GTR in Virginia. That car is actually on the do not miss list. That car was such a pain, which is I why I gave it so quickly and drove the wife’s Escalade for a while.

Her Escalade was hit or miss, in my opinion. Once we put the drop on it, that truck became so much trouble. It was nothing but garbage after that. I thought raising it a little when I put the brakes on was a good idea. It only made the truck even worse to drive. She never really noticed it, I could though, as I have driven a lot of different cars. I tried a lot of different tricks on that truck to get it to work, and nothing worked, at all.

The car I miss the most? My M3, that car was amazing. It was a fun car that I could drive in the winter, in the summer, and anytime really. The AA Stage 3 kit made it for me. It wasn’t the legitimate CSL pieces, it was the supercharger kit. That car could take anything I threw at it. It was such an awesome car to drive, the wife even liked it, she drove it! She used to take me to work in it some days when she wanted to drive it. I think what curved her for it was the SMG transmission. She never got the paddles down on it. She does on her GTR, but then she didn’t get it then. She used the shift knob to change gears. I loved watching her drive it too. If I could buy it back, I would, but I still keep in touch with the owner. He’s taken the CSL stuff off, except for the trunk. He put on an Esienmann GTR kit on it, got wider wheels on it. Really made it sick.


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October 12, 2010 at 8:06 pm

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