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GTR meet recap

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It was a pretty decent meet, I drove on the way down there, so the wife could get a little bit of rest in. After all, she was invited to this meet, not I!  She definitely had a blast, especially during the road race day. She was getting into it a lot and actually putting up some good times in her class. She was actually second in her class overall. The instructors were a little nervous driving with her due to the fact she was fully dressed up. Suit, shoes, gloves, helmet, and HANS device. She was my co-pilot after all on the Silver State Classic. I didn’t drive the GTR at all during the whole event. She did the majority of the driving, it was pretty exciting. She’s got the drag racing deal down, she just had to floor it and shift. The road racing gave her a little test, knowing what gear to be in, how long to stay on the brakes. She was definitely into it.


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September 28, 2010 at 9:38 pm

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