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Dad’s new GT3RS

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Dad’s GT3RS is pretty sick from the pictures, it’s got around five thousand miles on it. Four thousand are street and the rest are all tracked. The previous owner took really good care of it, and it’s quite obvious from the pictures he’s sent me already. The previous owner was of moderate track experience, so the only footwork mods are a Moton Clubsport setup and fresh Michelins. It does have an exhaust of some sorts and rather nice detail on it. He will be sending it out here for us to really spend some time on. As we are taking customer cars on a case by case basis.

He wants better seats in it, better suspension mods, a meaner sound, and a nice handling car. I was thinking of doing more extensive suspension mods. Tie rods, control arms, and bushings. Maybe even sway bars. These GT3RSes are already pretty stout from the factory, but my Dad has some experience track driving now. So he will need a car that will test his limits. The seats are definitely going to be Status Racing and of course Willans harnesses. There will be some lengthy phone conversations coming in the future about his setup. We will be doing some motor mods too.


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August 15, 2010 at 9:07 pm

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