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Saturday was a blast, the wife and I went and picked up Dad’s Scuderia from the shop he had it at. He went from Kreissieg level 3 to level five. It went from loud to Armageddon. Easiest way to sum it up really. I let the wife drive it on the way home, she got some fun out of it. When we got home, I climbed into Blackie and ventured onto Mulholland with her. She’s getting a hand at this driving thing. I might tell Dad we need the Scuderia for a little more. It’s got the right amount of power for her and it’s nimble enough for her. I trust her going in a straight line with the GTR, the power is a little much for her to turn in it.

With today being Independence Day, the wife have been relaxing around the house with our dogs.  I’m only up to make lunch for the wife. So I figured I would make a daily blog at the moment. Turkey, ham, and cheese sandwiches for lunch. A little bit of these Pringles I found, blazin’ buffalo wings, awesome flavor. Not hot, but still tasty. I’m going back to the living room with the wife.


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July 4, 2010 at 2:17 pm

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