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Times like these

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Are what make life great. The Supra came in today, the GTR finally got it’s room mate back. As soon as it came off the truck I filled it up with that sweet illegal nectar VP C16. Yes, I have a ton of it at the house. I will not mention how I received it or have it, but I do. We cruised around for a bit. Did a little shopping to get us ready for our flight out to Montreal tomorrow. I really can’t wait to be at the Grand Prix. Hell it’s my first ever trip to Canada! It will be a blast though. Is it wrong I’m bringing my helmet for driver’s to sign? I’m thinking about picking up a second before we leave in the morning. I think that is what I’ll do. Pick up a second, so I can have it as a display piece. I think I’ll go right now, I have to burn off the massive twenty by twenty I had at In N Out today for lunch.


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June 9, 2010 at 7:35 pm

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