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Yesterday, the team scored our first win of the season! We took first place at Long Beach. It created a wonderful buzz around the shop this morning and our phones blew up yesterday. It feels good to win, it feels even better to know that we did this in such a quick fashion. When the car comes back tomorrow we’ll be having a celebration and probably a nice party day at the shop. I know a few things are already bought for it. I can’t wait, I heard they haven’t even cleaned it up. Left it in win status until it gets back here.

In the meantime I’m still looking for a good daily driver for when I get out to California. The 240sx project will be looked at tomorrow. The Escalade has non stop tire kickers. Well, the GTR is going back to my Dad. So he has my CLK63 AMG and his GTR back. Luck is on my side and he’s just going to replace the GTR with one I find. Call me spoiled, but my Dad knows how much that GTR meant to Laline, so in reality. She’s going to find the one that replaces it. As it was her GTR, that I mod’d and drove. I would really like to downsize and keep a car in California. That might end up end up being Blackie. Hell it might end up being all of the cars and both Ducatis due to the weather around here. I don’t know it’s all pretty complicated to me at the moment. I’m turning an anthill into a mountain.


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April 19, 2010 at 7:44 pm

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