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We hooked up with a local fabrication shop to start making us some random bits for our race car and maybe some of our own personal cars. The guy does carbon fiber and carbon kevlar fabricating. Among other materials, he’s a former NASA engineer. Which makes him very valuable to us. The more the team works on our Porsche, the more they want to work on Porsches for public. I’m all for it, it’ll build up our relationship with the fabricator and I can get a hatch made for the Supra and a trunk for the 240sx. Which has been at a stand still lately because I haven’t found time to work on it.

I have thought about selling it, but I want to get completed and get it sideways before I think about that. We have so many vehicles I really don’t know how to figure this stuff out. We’ve got the GTR, Supra, Escalade, and the 240sx. The GTR and Escalade drink more gas than a little bit. Especially with gas prices in California. The Supra and 240sx will be drinking nothing but leaded fuel. I have no idea what to do.


Written by thenerdspot

April 5, 2010 at 9:21 pm

Posted in Cars, Work

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