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The wife and I partied a little too hard for a Sunday night, so I had to live out most of my day with a headache. Class wasn’t so bad, I could live through it. But it was when I got to work what was bad. They were dynoing the car and getting some tuning done on it. It was really bad. Making my head thump and all. To the point to where I was seeing blurry and feeling like I was going to vomit. Then lunch time came and I was feeling a bit better. I had taken some motrin, that was helping a lot. That’s when my co-workers were like “Hey, feeling better? Why don’t you take the RSR to lunch?” The team boss has a GT3RS and he slapped the plate on there for me.

What a hell ride that was to Moe’s. I had the wife meet me there, because there is no passenger seat. It was a pretty trippy ride due to the exhaust mainly. My ears were ringing, luckily the earbuds were in the Escalade. I plugged those into my BlackBerry for the drive back to the shop. But holy shit was everyone staring at the race car in the parking lot. It was like they’ve never seen an RSR on the road before. Lots of people taking pictures, it was pretty cool. It’s last real outing before we load it up for Sebring this weekend.


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March 1, 2010 at 7:24 pm

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