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I got annoyed with the Toyo R888s after two sets. They didn’t just work on heavy street usage with the setup on Blackie. So I put the Michelins back on the car. I went with 275/30s on the front look a bit stretched but they sit just nicely on the “ten” inch wheels. They are wide tens for sure. Maybe an extra quarter. I think that’s what it really is, but I’m not going up to a 295 in the front because I rub just a bit, and I don’t want to rub at all with them. With all of the Ikeya Formula mods in there, it makes response to my inputs instant. That’s what I really enjoy about the Ohlins, they react with the Ikeya Formula stuff like they were made for each other.

Now the rear is where it really matters. The stance is just perfect with the 325/30s from Michelins. The Ikeya Formula mods are just the same with the front.  They react perfectly with the Ohlins in the rear. The car hardly squats which is good, because squating means there is power loss in the transfer. The car really hugs down into the road at the higher speeds. The 325s also hold the power quite well. I can go full throttle in every gear and not worry about it spinning or anything. The power hooks right into the tires and it pulls away.


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February 21, 2010 at 12:12 am

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