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Sorry for the lack of updates the past two days, the Tokyo Auto Salon tour has been amazing! So I’ll bring up some amazing points. First off, don’t look here for pictures, the wife and I took slim to none. We went for the experience.

Our first night in Tokyo, we spent walking around, taking in some culture, eating a ton of real Japanese cuisine. Even ended up in a bar. Saki and sushi all night, couldn’t have been better. Well, we did have a good laugh in the morning. When we realized we tipped our taxi driver in American. I had our concierge track him down, so we could tip in him Yen.

Second day in Tokyo, we went to the TAS, and we walked around a lot. Checking a lot of the cars, a lot of cars stand out in my mind. There were a few Supras, mainly a GT500 Eleanor Supra. Not my style, but it was pretty sweet to see. I saw the Tommy Kaira GTR, that thing was pretty insane. There was a good flavor of European cars. I saw the Voltex “street wing” they just got done developing. I stopped by the DoLuck area and met those guys. A great group of people, then the wife and I came home.

The third day in Tokyo was an absolute blast, we spent the morning in the Tokyo Auto Salon with the DoLuck group. I got a few autographs, a couple email addresses, and some stuff for the Supra. I’ll have a nice time getting these back into the country. I’d really like to get these things on the car ASAP. After the morning, the wife and I spent the day doing what she wanted. A Spa treatment. We ended up at the Ooedo Onsen Monogatari. That’s the place with the fish that nibble off the dead skin from your feet. That was a mighty interesting experience. We got to see how dirty our blood is. The doctor said the wife’s blood was clean, but I need to eat more rice to clean up mine. The hand treatment was pretty interesting by the fish. We saved the fish treatment on the feet for last. Because I really wanted her to enjoy it. We did enjoy it, our hands and feet are baby skin smooth.

The fourth day was pretty fun. We went to the Nitto Tire Drift Experience. That was pretty fun, being that I’ve gotten a few slides in during my day in the States. It was extremely insane to see how the pros do it. The drivers were pretty nice and when I told them I’ve done this a few times. They really pushed the limit with me. When I got out, my legs were a little wobbly. I had never put myself through that on our streets. The wife enjoyed it, she might have gotten a little sick. But I think she really had a blast with it. We spent that night with everyone else on the DSport TAS tour partying it up at a club. They left the next day, the wife and I were on the VIP tour, we got a few extra days.

We spent our free day heading out to the DoLuck Japan shop. Seeing where my kit was made was awesome. I showed them more pictures of my car and they overjoyed with it. I explained to them it’s a street car that will see a few track days. The wife quietly napped on the couch while I toured the place. I got a few other things from them. Mainly some stickers and a photo with Mr Shigeru Ito himself! He autographed my valve cover as well and gave me a sticker of his autograph to approve of my car. After I woke the wife up, we returned to the hotel just to relax.

Our last real day in Tokyo was spent looking around Tokyo in the day time hours. What a place! We bought some sneakers, she got a purse. This place is amazing, it makes me really want to come back. Maybe when we come back to see Top Secret, I really wanted to see them this time, but the surprise with DoLuck was what kept me away from them.


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January 19, 2010 at 1:13 pm

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