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Yesterday I ended up trading my CLK63 Black Series for another Black Series. Almost same mods but my new one has stock wheels. My old one has Dymag wheels. After trading them up and looking over the new Black Series. This one has one big difference. The interior is actually modified on it. I thought the stock seats were comfortable. But he put Recaro Profi Spa seats with Willans harnesses in them. I’ve been a fan of one piece seats for a while now. They were in my last two Supras. Blackie has some nice Status Racing black suede carbon kevlar Ring seats in it. The Profi Spa seats are just as comfy and light. As it is also a carbon kevlar seat.

After trading with the guy, the wife and I decided to go out for a quick spin. That quick spin turned into dinner, movie, and some mountain passes in the car. That’s when I found out how insane the KW Variant 3s can get. My previous BS had just the replacement set. This new one has the big baller KW Variants. Which are absolutely amazing, will be I putting them on the Supra? No, I feel the Ohlins I have on there are the best for my car. When the weather does warm up some more, the Supra will be in use at VIR. Just to see to see it in action, or if I’m really lucky, Road Atlanta or even Sebring. I just want to put the Supra through it’s paces in real time.


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November 8, 2009 at 10:32 pm

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