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Dyno day!

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I made 1150RWHP on a dyno yesterday. The torque curve was insane now that I finally made one full wide open throttle pass on the rollers. What made it even better was the new Toyo R888s hooked like a mother fucker! They even stayed in traction during the hard highway pull on the way home. People liked the car, I love the car. I’d like to get some more aero bits on the underside of the car. Just to keep the car stable on the highway and when I do top speed events out in the mile or in the Silver State Classic.

Friday the wife stopped by the office, because the new couch was in. She even crashed out on the couch about thirty minutes after coming over. I let her nap out on it for most of the morning because she was tired from the night before. Not because we were sexin’, because she needed help with a paper. That I ended up finishing for her.


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September 27, 2009 at 11:10 am

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