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What did we do today? We did a lot actually. We woke up and I was feeling a little froggy, so was the wife. We decided to go to that farmer’s market they’ve been having downtown lately. That place was great, we got some good vegetables. The wife and I also got breakfast. I had a scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, and cheese pita gimmick. She had some funnel cake. It’s Saturday, who cares if you want funnel cake for breakfast. After walking around a bit more, we decided to leave.

After coming home, we hung out for a bit, watched some TV. The wife decided to make some macaroni and cheese for lunch. And it was great! She baked it and it was chewy and crunchy. It was amazing. After lunch we went on down to the gun range for a bit. We dialed in her .40 and I just did some run throughs with my 1911. The day was pretty great. We went and got Five Guys for dinner. Laline tried something a little new, I got my same old burger and fries. Now we’re deciding on what to do tonight. Either a movie or glow bowling.

We also drove the Supra the entire time today, it was really nice to feel the car on pump gas.


Written by thenerdspot

September 5, 2009 at 11:19 pm

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