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Lunch break!

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It wasn’t really much of a break as I spent most of it working out the Supra in the mountains. The Michelins needed a work out and so did the car. I wanted to put the Ohlins to their true test. Because when I took Laline out in the car a few days ago. I held back just a bit because I didn’t want to scare her. Well, this afternoon, I ended up scaring myself. And that’s what I was looking for. The car stepped out on me in a turn, I got a little turned around, but no damage done to the car. Only my ego.

The Brembos are extremely crazy though once they come up to temperature along with the Michelins. I was thinking about switching to some Bridgestones on the car, but I don’t think I will for a little bit. Or I may get a set on the car just to try them out. But the car handles like crazy, I really want it on VIR one day soon.

Laline and I are going to the shooting range after work today. I want her to get used to carrying and using her H and K .40. I spent good money on it, but I want her to be protected. Plus when I gave it to her. Just seeing her holding it made her that more hot. She enjoys firing guns with me though, which is good. We’re doing great, the dogs are great, and I’m a proud husband due to that. My wife has no worries, she does some modeling jobs here and there. Puts some money in her pocket and account. But she’ll never have to work a full time job in her life. I like providing that luxury for my wife.


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September 2, 2009 at 1:48 pm

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