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Tonight Laline and I nerded it out for a little bit, we spent the night watching a few movies. We started with Transformers, then moved on to Punisher: Warzone, and ended WatchMen. Those three are up at my favorite movies of all time. There is one thing I noticed tonight while watching WatchMen. If I was Dr Manhattan, I’d have made my deal a bit bigger, don’t you think? I mean hey, I’m walking around naked most of the time. Might as well make people double take at the size of my deal. Who wouldn’t? But what I had to keep informing Laline of, during the whole thing was, that WatchMen isn’t your usual super hero movie. It does a great job of capturing human emotion. Which is what puts WatchMen up in my favorite movie list. The book does it well and the movie does it well too!

Tomorrow, well today, is going to be a fun little drive. We’re going to ComiCon 09. I’ve booked our hotel and everything. So we should leave soon. Hell, we might even leave in an hour or so. Depends how Laline feels, because San Diego is only a two hour drive. I can cut that down if we take the right vehicle. But we might end up taking the Escalade just to be safe. Which, as a matter of fact, I’ll go talk to her about it now. Look for an update blog about ComiCon 09 later today!


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July 22, 2009 at 3:16 am

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