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10 best tracks?

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Really Super Street Bike? You claim to have found the ten best tracks in the world? What really makes it so that you can define the ten best tracks in the world? Just for reference, let’s see the ten they picked.

1. Laguna Seca.

2. Brands Hatch.

3. TT Course (Isle of Mann).

4. Donnington.

5. Phillip Island.

6. Mugello.

7. Sepang.

8. Suzuka.

9. Catalunya.

10. Kyalami.

Well, they picked some great tracks, but really? You pick all of these tracks, but you leave out good ones like Barber Motorsports Park, VIR, and for god’s sake Indy’s road course!? Of course Sepang, Laguna Seca, and Mugello are on there. Suzuka is a crazy technical circuit. But you leave out tracks with history. Like the Nurburgring and Spa. Don’t forget about Tsukuba. SSB looks like they picked out a rag tag circuit for an upcoming new league. There are tons of tracks you can put on a list of ten best. It’s mainly opinion, but this still doesn’t give you the right to be able to. I can’t believe I left our Monza or even Interllagos! What the hell!

SSB doesn’t have the history behind itself to pick out the ten best tracks. But now that I think about it they picked these ten tracks because a majority of their readers are sheep. Sheep as in they can group them together, get them to follow one direction, in unison. So soon enough you’ll have the group of readers saying facts about their ten picks. Good job guys, while the sheep are buying this current issue. Make sure they pick up Biker Boys and Torque. Which is ironic, how much torque do most bikes have?

I am allowed to make these opinions, due to the fact I ride and have been for some time.

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July 20, 2009 at 8:29 pm

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