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New mods on my 848!

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I mentioned yesterday that my 848 received some new mods lately. Mainly I purchased hand controls, foot controls, and other related items. The hand controls are from ASV Inventions. They have good build quality come in a color I want, black, and they pretty indestructable. Great hand controls, easy to pull, light on the fingers.

My foot controls are Sato Racing rear sets. These controls make life simple. I keep my brake light and they were simple to install. I purchased the type 2 controls. I didn’t want 848 on the controls, which is the Type 1 model. They are also black, yes I am keeping with my StormTrooper theme. The only thing not black on my foot controls are the titanium bolts on them.

My other new items are from Renthal. I got a 520 chain conversion and new sprockets. They eliminated my sixth gear issue, which was just for cruising. Now it’s an actual useful gear on the track. Which is great!


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July 1, 2009 at 10:04 pm

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