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The shop has been buzzing today with excitement. We picked up a few sponsors mid season! Which eases our operating costs quite nicely. Like pretty much in half!

We signed with Renthal, they make chains, sprockets, grips, etc. But our deal is exclusively for the chains and sprockets.  They have absolutely amazing products and I can’t wait to get my hands on some free swag for the 848. Can anyone say 42 tooth sprocket and 520 conversion anytime soon?

Next up we scored an exhaust sponsorship. Even though I’m a bit bias to my Termis on the Ducati, we got another favorite. Leo Vince!!! These guys are great. They simply called, a few days later, products were here, and they were on the bikes. We got the full Titanium systems. Which weigh as much as a small dog. Crazy sounding exhaust too.

Another great addition is Bridgestone! We would go through a ton of Michelins through the weekend. A set for practice, set for qualifying, and two sets a rider per each race. That equals up to SIXTEEN tires a weekend. And those aren’t exactly cheap tires either. Bridgestone is giving a price break and a contingency program too. Which gets us money for competing.

Sato Racing is now a sponsor with us too. They make amazing rear sets, some which I may end up putting on my 848 depending how the stock ones feel while I have repeated track usage on them. But they’re nice rear sets that every one should have.

Finally, which I think are some cool things. ASV Inventions. They make hand controls. Which have extreme user friendly options. You set how far they are from your fingers. How long you pull to operate. How long they are. Amazing color options, and you bet I am putting them on my 848!


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April 23, 2009 at 3:38 pm

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