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Well it looks like the Supra is finally getting the tables going on it. The DoLuck kit has arrived at the boby shop, the wheels are on. So the ball is finally rolling on it. The engine should be back from Full Race fitted with the Brian Crower parts. Yup, I let Full Race do their magic on the motor. But threw them a curve ball. I supplied with them HKS GT3240 twin turbos.

I think the motor is going to come with some surprises in it. I talked with the guys at Brian Crower for a good two weeks about the motor setup. With Full Race’s unique take on manifolds. I had them design a twin turbo setup for me. I’ll be using the HyperTune intake manifold. I think this car will be something unique.

I’ve got the entire Brian Crower catalog in my Supra, it’s true. The stroker kit, 280 cams, valve train, and a couple stickers. When I’ve seen Brian Crower stuff in the past, it’s been very high quiality stuff. So the motor will pull through, especially with all of the abuse it will be getting.


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March 3, 2009 at 11:52 am

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