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Supra Suspension

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I have decided that I will go with a Moton setup for the car. The remote reserviors and the endless possibilities with the coilovers are great! The package I’m getting is perfect for street and track use.

What is going to set the Supra away from many others is that I’m going to really go after the suspension set up. Tie Rods, Control Arms, etc. Ikeya Formula is my company of choice. They make the stuff for a lot of the D1 guys in Japan. Orido, my idol, has their products on his car, so why not?

The order will be placed on Monday for all of this. I’m hoping for the DoLuck kit to come in the same time my wheels do. So I can load every thing up and get them over to the body shop ASAP.

Look for an update this week on my motor setup. It’ll be many personal firsts for myself.


Written by thenerdspot

February 22, 2009 at 1:27 pm

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