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Interior for the Supra

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Well the other day I was drawing at work and thinking of ideas for the car’s interior. I went through a few ideas before I settled on one. After looking through a few websites and all of that. I found pictures from various exotics and other cars.

It boils down to lots of black suede, some white stitching and Status Racing seats. The whole dash is going to be covered in black suede. The air bag cover will be black suede with a white cross stitch. Door panels will be all suede but with a accent panel of black suede and white cross stitch. As with the seats and rear seats. The targa panel and ceiling will consist of one big black suede panel with white cross stitching.

The interior lights are being switched to white LEDs. There will be Defi gauges will be all around the car. I am hoping. HOPING. Hoping to get the Defi Super Sports Cluster for the car. If not, I’ll resort to a STACK gauge or maybe mod the stock cluster. It’ll look insane though.


Written by thenerdspot

February 8, 2009 at 8:38 pm

Posted in Cars

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