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Well as you may well know. I spent most of my weekend, most? All. Yeah, all of my weekend working on the Supra. Breaking it down and figuring out the bits and pieces that need to be replaced and all of that. I saved the turbos and clutch when I took apart the motor. Those things are worth some money, and you don’t find them very often.

A little background on the Supra, it was one of fifteen issued to magazines to use as test cars to edge out the results. The turbos were a slightly bigger than the actual stock ones. The clutch was another keeper, it had a stronger clutch compared to the actual stock unit. So the car performed slightly better in most tests. There’s only fifteen of them, and I believe there are only two in running condition. Mine being one of them.

When it comes to building this Supra out, there will be no actual purpose. Unlike my orange and red Supras, they had a purpose. The orange one was built to display my talents that I learned at MIT. The red Supra was built to be a drift car. It saw very few drift events because I was too afraid to put it through it’s paces. I didn’t want to damage it at all.

This car will remain black, but it will have no purpose to be built. It will just be able to take whatever I can throw at it. Rather it be drifting, road racing, drag racing, top speed runs, or even car shows. It will be truly “show and go” in a perspective.

With the motor pulled and most of the car in pieces. I am sending the motor out to be checked. It is going all the way to California, then I will be figuring out things between emails. The transmission is already sold because I am getting a fresh unit. Almost all of the stock parts are sold, they just need to be boxed up currently.

The plan is to slowly start assembling every thing. When the weather clears up in the week, I will be taking the car to the paint shop. Where they will be taking care of it for a long time. They will be fitting the body kit on, and assembling it around the mock wheels. But the mock wheels are in the same setup as the real wheels. These mock units were able to be purchased before my real wheels came in.

I plan for the car to have some very common Supra items and also some very UNcommon Supra items. With what I have written down, there are only few things on the car that won’t be touched. Specifically the fire wall and the doors. Every thing else will either be changed or modified. But once the car is done. I am pretty sure it will set the newest standard for Supras ever.


Written by thenerdspot

January 27, 2009 at 9:16 pm

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