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Yesterday I hinted at some awesome news, but right as I went to right the blog. I got an email that I was not expecting. It pretty much said Verizon is re-sizing their IT department. Which means laying people off.  I’m at the top of the list due to my time there. I’ve got a degree from MIT, but that’s nothing to how long I’ve been there. I wish my fellow co-workers luck if I’m not laid off. But I can pretty much say when I get the email from my manager, I’m the one.

The good news is, with the weather how it is in Virginia, it’s perfect to work on a car while I can’t really drive any where. What’s this hinting at? I FOUND MY SUPRA!!!! That press edition I was looking for. The car is down the road from our house here. Low miles too. Bone stock and never modified. I’ll keep the turbos and clutch that came on the car. But every thing else is getting an overhaul.

But where does this leave me? A wicked Skyline, a soon to be wicked Supra, an M3, and an Escalade. That’s a lot of parking spaces at our complex. And I don’t want to open park either the Skyline or the Supra. In the moment of thought, the former owner of the Skyline calls me to check on me and the car. I tell him about the situation and we talked about the car. If I did any mods or anything. After I told him the only thing that has changed is that I hard wired a Valentine 1 in it, he offered me a number that I could not refuse. He’s flying out here as I type this blog right now.

In other news, Laline and I discussed this whole bike thing. She says as long as I do it safely, she doesn’t mind. But this little Ducati idea might be on the back burner until I find out if I have a job, or I need to find a job. The bike would be mainly on the track, but all white Duc with an all white riding suit and helmet? Wouldn’t that look a little bad ass? Maybe black and white? Storm trooper style? That would be choice.


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December 30, 2008 at 11:07 am

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