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Hooters Calender 2009

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Every Friday, my co-workers and I go to Hooters for lunch. For no reason, just because it’s Friday. We sat in our normal section with our normal server. If you ever go for lunch on Friday, ask for Shari. She’s a sweet heart. Today she asked us if we wanted some calenders for 2009. I love my wife, I love her dearly. It’s not about looking at different girls. It’s about a guy thing. This calender would be used in the garage. Every guy needs a calender for their garage. Some guys choose naked women, some guys choose women in bathing suits. Some just pick cars. I like bathing suit clad women for my garage calender. So I picked the 2009 Hooters Calender.

This calender is abosolute GARBAGE. Who did they pick to photograph these girls!?! The guy is complete ameture. The lighting was bad in most of the pictures. The angles were bad, hell YOU CAN SEE A GUY IN THE BACKGROUND ON ONE OF THESE PICTURES. PHOTOSHOP IS YOUR FRIEND. Some of them are grainy, if I was a photographer, I wouldn’t claim this as my work. Yet this guy decides to put his name on every single picture. Just a note, there’s like six pictures a month on the calender.

Now onto the girls, and I don’t want to offend any of them. But if haven’t shaved your arms, legs, or your vag in a while. PLEASE DO NOT POSE IN A BATHING SUIT, or at least ask the photographer to photoshop it out. My girl friend is a little thick, she has some meat on her bones. But please, if you’ve got too much meat DO NOT LET HIM DO CLOSE UPS. We can see stretch marks and cellulite spots. If you know you’re going to be in a bathing suit calender. Please tighten up or say no.

With that said, this calender is absolute garbage and I would NOT use to wipe my ass with. It’s in the trash as I search for a new one. Or hell, I may even just take Laline bathing suit shopping. And make my own calender. That sounds like a good idea.


Written by thenerdspot

November 21, 2008 at 8:33 pm

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