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New Job

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After being at my new job for a week, I decided I could make a blog about it.

I enjoy it there at Verizon, I really do. The guys I work with are cool. We’rea all into cars and into Formula One. Which was great for yesterday cause we just watched the practice all afternoon. Monday they decided to play “Haze the new guy” and made me do all the work. Which was expected but I even taught then a few things. MIT does wonders for your career.

Friday I brought the Skyline into work cause I needed to get it new tires. The looks on people’s faces were amazing when I pulled in. The omninous rumble out of the Top Secret exhaust, and of course. It’s right hand drive.  Every one liked it, I gave out a couple rides. The adventure at the tire place was well an adventure. Just like on my twitter, they wanted to “test drive” it. I let the manager ride with me, I don’t need some in-experienced guy driving the Skyline. Especially with the clutch and setting of the steering wheel. The manager said it was fine on the ride and I left, which was all that I needed.

It’s fun though, I enjoy the people, the surroundings, and the job. Especially cause we have a Red Bull fridge in the office.


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November 1, 2008 at 11:23 am

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