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What can I say?

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The game “Resistance” is one bad ass game. It is a bit repetitive but I don’t think it matters with how much fun you can have with it. It’s rather, gnarly, that’s a good word to describe the fun you can have with this game.

As of lately, I’ve been listening to quite the eclectic mix of music. I have a lot of stuff on my iPod, but it’s been quite weird. I had Pink Floyd on this morning when I went to pick up breakfast for Laline and I. While on the trip back I turned on a bit of Bullet for my Valentine. It all seems weird to me. Right now as I right this on our balcony, I’ve got BT’s Simply Being Loved on. I find it quite odd.

As only Laline and I know, I’ll make the announcement here. I’m on the look for my next Supra project. I’ve bought a warehouse in White Forest Springs’ commercial district. It’s got enough room for me to store all of my tools, a few cars, and every thing else that could go in there. This means Laline and I can battle out over which one of our cars goes into the garage. Even though I think I’ll win eventually with what I want to give her as a wedding present.


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July 6, 2008 at 6:04 pm

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